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authentic Italian pasta in minutes - spend less time in the kitchen, have more time for everything else.

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any pasta you choose delivers an authentic Italian meal, the same taste and flavor you’d find at a dinner table in Italy. whether you have time to sit and savor or you need to mangia on the go, each meal comes with spoon and fork to enjoy no matter where you are.

About viva La mamma

With Viva La Mamma ready to eat pastas, you don’t have to compromise on exceptional quality and taste when you want convenience. Each delicious variety uses fresh, simple ingredients that are never frozen to make authentic Italian meals. When your day is way too busy to spend hours in the kitchen, Viva la Mamma is your secret to making something delicious, super fast.

Our ingredients are fresh, our taste is authentic – and our Italian ancestors would be proud. Yet, Mammas from the old country who spent hours in the kitchen may have raised an eyebrow at how quickly a Viva la Mamma pasta dish can be prepared. After just 2 minutes in the microwave, you’ll have a delicious pasta meal at home, work, or anywhere you choose.

FResh never frozen

fresh never frozen

Traditional Italian pasta means fresh pasta and fresh, simple ingredients found in original Italian recipes. we use only fresh, simple ingredients like tomatoes, extra virgin olive oil, basil and ricotta cheese to make true authentic Italian pasta dishes.

no exceptions, otherwise the meal isn’t worthy of being called Italian.

Always Al Dente

“Al dente” pasta, loosely translated, means “firm” pasta. We figured since you’ll be digging into fresh Viva la Mamma pasta dishes, we’d help you brush up on the language. Back home in Italy, this is how pasta is prepared – and that’s how it should be enjoyed. That’s why we made sure all our varieties reach your plate al dente. Enjoy pasta the way it was meant to be eaten, just without the wait.



medium-sized tubular pasta, smooth in texture with straight cut edges. The name comes from the word "zita" which means "bride" because it was traditionally served at Italian weddings.



short spiraled pasta, shaped like a corkscrew. The spirals are perfect for trapping any pasta sauce from your favorite dish.



medium-sized cylindrical pasta with ridges that’s been cut diagonally at both ends. Its hollow tube shape makes it a good choice for almost any type of sauce

authentically Italian

Carbonara, alfredo, pesto. We haven’t just borrowed terms from an Italian restaurant’s menu, we’ve crafted genuine pasta dishes – that are the real thing. Viva la Mamma stays true to our Italian heritage, as our original Mamma would’ve been none too happy if we cut corners. The term “disgraziato!!” comes to mind.

Buon Appetito!

We take the time to craft our pastas – always using fresh ingredients – that deliver real Italian taste. When you don’t have time to spend hours cooking, Viva la Mamma is your secret to making something delicious, super fast.

If you want to claim the meal you just made is a recipe handed down through generations, that’s your call (if you’re not Italian, perhaps you’re great-grandma’s best friend was). We’re okay with you taking the credit.

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